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Saturday, 1 November 2008


Roachware is happy to announce that the project Orkhorde has started the sponsoring phase.

Orkhorde is the name of a game that Roachware wants to produce to celebrate its 5th anniversary. "Normally we see a game only after it has been finished", says Michael 'The Roach' Janßen, editor-in-chief and creator of Roachware."Therefore it is very interesting for us as well to see the preliminary steps that have to be done before a game can be published."

In Orkhorde each of the up to six players leads a tribe in a bigger orcish warband. Each round the members of the tribe are set to a number of tasks: food has to be collected, raids have to be done, the shaman tries to mollify the gods – and don't forget the unavoidable fights about who's the boss. But it is most important for the orcs to gather trophies and renown. The tribe that collected the most renown when the game ends, wins.

The Roachware team is supported by the Spieltrieb GbR, a German publisher who is known for games such as Jets, Colony or Wolf Tracks.

"Since we cannot pay for the production of a full game out of our own pockets – the production costs as much as a large family car – we try to fund the project through StartNext", Michael Janßen explains. StartNext is a crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter, however, unlike Kickstarter, StartNext accepts German bank accounts.

Besides the usual incentives such as naming sponsors in the rules, or a copy of the game, Orkhorde offers special incentives, If you sponsor at least 150 euro, you can find yourself as an orc on one of the cards. "All we need – besides the payment – is a photo of the future orc. For security reasons we also ask for a Xerox copy of some legitimation paper, in order te make sure the depicted person is cool with being orcified", Michael Janßen explains. "That means, you can also use this incentive as a present, for example for a birthday. Of course, you can also contact us if you don't want to become an orc, but have another idea – for example to be turned into one of the targets for the orcs."

More about the incentives can be found on the website of the project. This also is the address where sponsors can pledge their support.

The financing phase ends mid-May. If the needed funds haven't been pledged by then, the monies will be returned to the sponsors fully. The game is to be published on October 18th, 2012, the opening day of the SPIEL Game Fair in Essen. The German SRP of the game will then be about 29,95 euro. Roachware plans to include rules in German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Roachware ( is a German-language blog reviewing board, card and role-playing games since september 2007. At the moment there are two editors writing the blog.

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