New Features

Some interesting new features have been added to the blog this week.

Firstly the Ramblings button now works and links to all the non-review posts in the blog, or any post with the tag Board Game Rambles. A list of Board Game Reviews that have been posted on the site will also be accessible soon, although the list obviously only has two entries so far.

Unboxed is now an official associate of IGUK and I wouldn’t endorse anyone without having complete faith in the service they provide. Shopping with IGUK through me gives me 5% credit on your final sale, so that I can buy more games and keep this blog current and informative.

In the sidebar you will now find two gadgets from Board Game Geek featuring 5 random games from My Collection and five random games from My Wishlist (just in case you want to buy me stuff :P). Eventually I will probably add a full list of my games to the site but for now these look pretty nice.

Speaking of Board Game Geek my user name is The Duke BGG if you want to befriend me on that site.

There is still, as always, links to various industry blogs, which I’ll be adding to over the coming weeks and links to my own blogs too.

Anyway, that’s about it for now, hope you enjoy the blog, check back in a week for a new review, maybe on Warhammer: Invasion which could arrive anytime from tomorrow!