Board Game News: Issue 1

I read a lot of articles every week about upcoming games so I thought it was about time I start to advertise it somewhere. Obviously I don't have any insider knowledge and you could simply visit four or five websites to gather all this info yourself, or you can just let me do all that leg work for you.
Steve Jackson Games have announced that Munchkin will now be printed in full colour from the 19th printing. I was already dubious about this news, but the fact that this upgrade also represents an increase in price for a game that was already overpriced seems to be bad news in my opinion. Plus if you already own Munchkin Quest you’ll already have full colour cards. Read the full article here and the news about the price increase here.
Mayfair games have announced that they will be producing a new Settlers game that is crossed with a train game “Settlers of America: Trails to Rails” and it will be part of the Catan Histories series. Check out the full story here.
Fantasy Flight has announced new games (surprise, surprise), these include Dragonheart, a 2-player card game about bringing balance back to the Realm. Space Hulk: Death Angel, a co-op card game based on Space Hulk and designed by Corey Konieczka (designer of Battlestar Galactica and Runewars), a cheap affordable alternative to the over priced special edition from Games Workshop and knowing Corey previous work, possibly even a better game. 
On top of this FFG has announced the first expansion to Battles of Westeros, adding to the forces in the core set. But most importantly Arcane Fire, a battle pack for Warhammer Invasion is finally on sale!
Z-Man Games has finally released the cover art for Geoff Engelstein’s game, the Ares Project. Plus there is a preview of their latest game announcement Earth Reborn in issue 17 of their newsletter.
Sure, that’s not all the news but it’s a start. I will continue to post new bits as I find them and possibly make this a regular weekly feature. If you like this section give it thumbs below and I’ll continue to produce it.


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