Board Game News: Issue 5

With Origins and what-not I don’t doubt that I’m further behind the curve than most of you who are probably reading this… but…

Fantasy Flight

This week Fantasy Flight announced that they will be taking over the Dust games from AEG. I not entirely sure which games are part of the Dust range, but we do know that AEG will be keeping both The Adventurers and Thunderstone.

What we also know is that FFG has agreed to AEG’s release schedule and will have both Dust Tactics (a tactical miniatures game based in the Dust universe) and Cadwallon: City of Thieves (a fantasy game about thieves in the city of Cadwallon) released by Gen-Con.

Both games have my interest peaked, although I don't have much use for a tactical miniatures game because I barely play the ones I already own. However, I worry about FFG taking on yet another set of games which they have had little input into. When they took over the Black Industries lines they were forced to use the rulesets as written, which also railroaded future expansions, the current WH40k roleplay games spring to mind.

However, I really do hope that this is a positive merger because I’m an a big fan of FFG and I want them to do well. I look forward to checking out City of Thieves. Read the full article here.

Days of Wonder

DOW have announced a new quiz game to be added to their line, Fictionaire:

In Fictionaire, players make up a bogus definition or fake answer for a word or question asked by the game’s host, trying to trick him or her into believing that their answer is correct. To earn points, players either choose the right definition - or get someone to pick their answer. If a player bluffs someone into choosing the wrong answer, they earn a bonus point.

This game sounds like Call My Bluff (an old English tv show) but more importantly it sounds exactly like Balderdash, only without the other 4 categories.

Steve Jackson Games

Finally SJG have announced that in August they will be releasing Munchkin boxes! I haven’t been able to fit my cards in the box since I can’t remember when. These two new boxes, one for doors, one for treasure, will not only hold all the expansions (except Demented Dungeons) but it will also help to organise the table, rather those huge unwieldy stacks. And of course, no Munchkin expansion is complete without two bonus cards!

Also listed for Coming Soon are two new expansions, one for Revolution and one for (I thought dead) Illuminati.

Z-Man Games

Z-man’s newsletter has some more information about Merchants and Marauders, which I have to admit sounds like a lot of fun. Also this month sees the release of Perry Rhodan, a two player space trading game. Unfortunately it seems that Kings and Things has been pushed back another two months and if the schedule actually stays the same M&M and K&T will appear in the same month… poor old wallets the world over!

Anyway, that’s about it, I’ll be back on Wednesday with Pandemic, don’t forget to answer this week’s question, What games do you play with your significant other?

Until next time keep on Gaming!