Board Game News: Fantasy Flight Special Edition

Arggggggh! So much news, so little time. This week Fantasy Flight has gone absolutely nuts with news, so much so that I felt the need to bring you a special edition of Board Game News.

Rules, Rules and More Rules. The rules for Space Hulk: Death Angel, Ingenious Challenges, Wings of War: Flight of the Giants, Constantinopolis, Cadwallon: City of Thieves, Dust Tactics, and more importantly Dungeonquest plus updated rules for Red November which offers greater clarification, are all now live, just click the name of the game to go straight to the rules.

Also announced are new titles for Death Watch including a GM Kit and an adventure module The Emperor Protects. A new sourcebook called Rites of Battle focusing on creating new chapters, plus new equipment and vehicles. Mark of the Xenos, an alien sourcebook which will include Tyranids and Tau. And finally Achilus Crusade a sourcebook focusing on the worlds your Space Marines can visit. You can read more about these here.

But that’s not all, a new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay supplement has been announced too. This time Signs of Faith focuses on Priests and Nurgle, including 2 more books, plus cards, careers and standees.

And as if that wasn’t enough FFG has announced TWO MORE TITLES, these are a new game from Bruno Faidutti (designer of Citadels amongst others) called Isla Dorada a game about exploring a desert island in search for treasure. And… Kevin Wilson (designer of Descent) brings us Sid Meier’s Civilisation the Board Game and I have to admit it got me pretty excited.

Also, the Arkham miniatures that were lost due to whining on the forums have finally made a comeback to a warm welcome. Now packaged singly, these prepainted miniatures could be just what you’re looking for to pimp out your Arkham game.

BUT… BUT… The best news is still the fact that Dungeonquest is almost back. I’ve checked out the rules and I like it. The game remains pretty much the same, but the combat system is now a lot more than Rock, Paper, Scissors, although it still manages to pay homage to the original. This new set is sooooooooo pretty that I really will have to sell my old set and buy this new version.

And if that isn’t enough for you, why not check out the video for the new Dust Tactics game.

I’ll be back on Wednesday, don’t forget to add your two cents the poll and let me know if you could pick up Power Grid for just £19, would you?   


  1. I know this game out after you posted your news segment, but they just announced a Lord of the Rings LCG.

    Very exciting. I love Lord of the Rings lore, maybe more than Warhammer.

  2. Fantastic news... Will make sure to mention it in this week's board game news!


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