Game Life: Episode 1

Well, it’s Sunday and what could be better than sitting back, enjoying a board game and having a laugh? All this week Unboxed has aimed to bring you intelligent and informative articles, serious news, reviews and interviews.  But from now on Sunday nights will be reserved for Board Game Comedy.

Oliver Cooke (Turkeysan on Board Game Geek) proudly presents Game Life: Episode 1 – Who is John?

Game Life on Board Game Geek

I hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did. I will endeavour to bring you more Board Game Comedy as I discover it around the interweb (or possibly even create it myself.) but if you have an idea (picture, video, amusing anecdote) why not submit it to us and share it with the world and help to make our Sundays that much more fun?

Contacting Unboxed is easy, just go to the Contact Us page in the sidebar. All material submitted to the blog remains yours to repost wherever you like, this is just one more way for you to get your stuff out there. We’re back on Wednesday with another Review, until then, I’ll leave you with my favourite Forum post of the week. This was just after Fantasy Flight announced Blood Bowl: Team Manager.

“I hated the Warhammer universe until Eric Lang made me love it with Chaos in the Old World. Now he threatens to do it again with this game.

Don't you get it, Eric Lang? I DON'T WANT TO LIKE WARHAMMER!

Corey Konieczka, stop helping him.”

- Eldil