N00bie Friendly

We’re back…


That’s Manny the Meeple enjoying his adventures, not in Greece, but on the East Coast of the UK, in the small town of Filey. Right then, onwards to a request…

The other day a friend of mine who has never played anything more than Monopoly told me that he’d checked out the site. He said he didn’t do much other than scroll down and look at pictures, but this made me think, the site isn’t exactly accessible for people not in-the-know about Board Games.

This got me thinking about doing some Non-Gamer introductory articles. Firstly, would people find this helpful? Secondly, would anybody else like to help out? I’m thinking that people might like to submit anecdotes about how they got into gaming or how they introduced other people to gaming. Maybe you could submit a list of games and the reasons why you think they are gateway games. Or if you have any better ideas…

I’m thinking I should create a glossary of terms possibly with hyperlinks so that readers can click on the jargon to have the term explained. I don’t know if blogger has a function that allows you to simply hover over a word and have a custom explanation bubble appear, but that would be cool. 

Anyway, I would really appreciate some feedback on this. I want to make the site as user friendly as possible and so I think some articles aimed at new gamers or non gamers would be a great start. If you have any thoughts or comments about this you can comment below or you can email Chris (that’s me) by clicking on the Contact Us button in the sidebar.

Thanks in advance