How To Play: Carcassonne

So, rather than my regular review this week, I wanted to post the first in a series of videos I’m working on, the How To Play series.

But first a big hello and welcome to my new follower, Dr. Willet’s Workshop. I almost forgot the welcome because the good Dr. also got a welcome this week to my Hobby Blog. I’m still plugging away at painting all of Descent over there, so head on over and check it out if that kinda thing catches your fancy. (Nice segue huh?)

Anyway, these videos are intended to teach the game to new players. Please help me by giving feedback below. If there are any errors (other than with my shoddy animation) please let me know.

I’m sorry about how bored I sound in the video, I’ll try and be more upbeat in the next one, I was aiming for intellectual, but I think I sound rather condescending.

Anyway, enough babble, here’s the video…

If you missed my review of Carcassonne, it can be found here.

So far I know there’s one mistake, anyone else notice it?