Household Items in Gaming

So this week I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’m a big fan of keeping my games in good order, it makes setting up easier if all the pieces are neatly separated and easy to find.

But what to use? Baggies are the obvious answer, in fact a lot of Rio Grande games come with a fistful of resealable bags for you to use. But what other storage solutions you might find about the house?

In bigger box games, like Descent I use small but sturdy expansion boxes (like Carcassonne or Talisman expansions) to separate components.

For those components that you need ready access to during a game but you don’t want to have to tip into piles on the table I use single serving ice cream pots. This has two advantages, firstly your components are neatly sorted and easily accessible and second you get to eat the ice cream.

Ice Cream Selection

These from Aldi are delicious and very handy. For a bigger pot size Tesco do a rather nice Toffee too.

And for games with a large number of components, like Agricola for example, You can use a tool box with removable draws. In fact using a tool box to store components used in several different games is great idea. For example, store your Mayday animeeples in it so that you can access them in Agricola or Settlers without having to remember which game box you left them in. Or how about those pesky heroes from Descent, Runebound, Runewars and Dungeonquest? Why paint the figures from each set, just store one set in the tool box ready for use in any game.

And that’s just the beginning, there are so many things lying around the house just waiting to be cannibalised by the gaming community. Buttons, army men, clothes pegs, paper clips, elastic bands, old jewellery, coins and more. If you have any good tips for ways to use common household items for the good of the common gamer, why not share by commenting below.

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