Board Game News: Mayfair Special

Hey guys, just a quick little News segment here. I know Mayfair best for the Settlers of Catan series, although I am aware of other games they produce, such as the Dice Tower acclaimed Nuns on the Run, I do not actually own any of their other titles.

Major Fun AwardHowever, Bill over at Mayfair thought you might all like to know that Pack & Stack just won the Major Fun award.

The Major Fun Awards program as been active for eight years and was created
by Bernie DeKoven, an educator, game reviewer and game designer for the past
40 years.  His vision for the award was to identify and recognize games that have clear and comprehensive rules that can be read in 5-15 minutes, play in under an hour, are suitable for a wide audience, and are fun enough to make people laugh and want to play again.

Certainly sounds like good criteria for an award. The game seems simple enough. Take a randomly determined number of goods and make them fit into your truck. You can check out the rules in a PDF here.

The following is the description of the game from Board Game Geek:

“In Pack & Stack the players try to fill their trucks as perfectly as possible.

Players start each round with a random selection of different-sized goods, determine by the roll of several dice. Then each player takes one or two trucks from the supply face-down (numbers depend on the number of players) The trucks are revealed simultaneously and each player tries to make a quick assessment to get the truck that is most useful for his or her supply of goods.

Players stack the goods in the space of their selected truck defined by the boundaries on the truck-bed and the height restriction noted on the truck. Players get negative scores if the truck they picked was too large (a lot of unused space at 1 point per unused space) or too small (a lot of goods don't fit at 2 points per space of goods that would not fit).

The player who gets the lowest negative score in a round gains 10 points. Players "pay" points for their negative values, and rounds continue until at least one player no longer has any points; the player with the most points wins.”

To read more about the game and the award check out Major Fun’s website here. It’s certainly a title I shall be keeping my eye out for.