The UK Gaming Media Network

UKGMN-Logo2Unboxed is now a proud member of the UK Gaming Media Network.

What is the UK Gaming Media Network? It is a centralised hub for all UK based gaming media.

Sometimes blogging can feel like you are standing by yourself shouting in the dark. Also, being in the UK means that you’re in neither of the massive gaming capitals, Central Europe or America.

That however does not mean we are irrelevant. In fact there is a lot of good quality material coming out of the UK Blogesphere. So, the UK Gaming Media Network was a conscious movement started by Mark Rivera, to bring all the UK Gaming Media together, to consolidate all our solo efforts into an unstoppable force to promote gaming in the UK and to act as an informative and supportive network of individuals.

To that end I created a guild on Board Game Geek that will be maintained by myself and the other members of the UK Gaming Media Network. The aim of the guild is to consolidate all the articles produced by a myriad of UK bloggers into a single news feed. The guild is open to anyone who wants to follow us, there is also a twitter feed for that same purpose. The Guild is an area where we will attempt to provide support for all gamers, answering questions, providing impartial reviews, providing suggestions on gaming or answering questions about Blogging/Podcasting.

The guild may occasionally be used for crowd sourcing so we know what is working on our blogs and what is not, what content people want to see more of and what they feel has been over done. And finally the guild will be used to organise get-togethers, conventions and other UK based activities.

So, what are you waiting for, go sign up. There is already a whole slew of material on the Guild, with more being posted on a regular basis. If you have a UK based Blog/Podcast or other Media Outlet please use the contact info at the guild to let me know about you and you too can become a member of the UK Gaming Media Network. If you are a game publisher who is interested in becoming part of this new movement and would like to see your games reviewed by members of the UK Gaming Media Network, then please Contact Me and I will endeavour to put you in touch with the other Members.