A Perfect Trifecta for Dominion?

If you don’t know what Dominion is chances are you’ve been living in a cave for many years and the CIA would like to speak to you.


Nominated for Game of the Year

Since it’s launch Dominion has been hugely popular, causing an underused game mechanic to surge to the fore and dominate, possibly even saturate the market.

Dominion is game in which you build a deck of cards, using your cards to buy new and better cards until you can finally afford to buy enough Victory Points to win the game.

If you don’t know about Dominion, don’t feel bad, let Tom catch you up in this 5 minute review from the Dice Tower

Despite only been released in 2008 Dominion now has 4, yes 4 expansions!

Dominion Prosperity

Nominated for Best Expansion

Prosperity is the latest (and greatest???) expansion for Dominion. This expansions goal was to bring wealth and fortune to the Kingdoms in Dominion, expanding the base game with a load more stuff including some pretty looking gold coins. Want to know more, check out this Video from the Dice Tower.

Dominion Intrigue

Nominated for Best Expansion

Ok, so I got a little bit of flak for this nomination, although I have to say that it wasn’t mine (I’ve never played Dominion – Gasp!)

But Intrigue, while it can be used as an expansion to the base game, it can also be played as it’s own stand alone set. As well as an additional 300 or so cards Intrigue added rules for playing with 6 players in a single game or 8 at two different tables.

Once again, want to know more, you can’t go wrong with a Dice Tower Video.