Reaping what was Sown

Ok, so there has been a little confusion about the Awards over on the Geek (where you can vote for a second time don’t forget), so I thought I’d take a moment to here to explain.

The Unboxed Awards is a bit of fun. It is not the Spiel Des Jahres. It occurred to me earlier this year that while I could just outright tell everyone what I felt were the best gaming experiences of the year, it would be a lot more fun to have everyone get involved.

As Bloggers and Podcasters we’re all very good at giving our opinion, but that I’m afraid is all it is, our opinion. So what I thought I’d do is gather together a group of opinions and let you guys tell us who is right!

I hope that clears things up. Ok, so now it’s time to take a look at some of the nominations. From now until the polls close on January 1st I’ll be adding little mini blurbs about each of the nominated games, because I, like many of you, haven’t even heard of some of them!

But I’m going to start today with one I have heard of and that is…

Talisman The Reaper Expansion.

Nominated For: Best Expansion

When Fantasy Flight acquired Talisman from Black Industries, they inherited a flawed system. Not only had the game evolved little from it’s 2nd edition forefather but it had terrible quality components to boot.

Fantasy Flight did an admirable job with the reboot but the game was still lacking. The adventure deck was quite frankly dull with cards that were carbon copies of one another, only focused on a different alignment or something equally dull. But when FFG released the Reaper expansion they finally got to showcase their vision for the game system.

Reaper added 90 new adventure cards, sure some were bags of gold or monsters with no special ability but the rest was a veritable smorgasbord of variety and adventure. As if that wasn’t enough, the expansion added twenty-odd spells and a dozen warlock quests to the game, not to mention the ever present and terrifyingly powerful Reaper.

The problem I had with Talsiman 3rd Edition was that we had played the game to death, there were no surprises left to be had, but with 4th Edition and the Reaper Expansion, fresh life was breathed into this game and once again I felt glad to be adventuring in the land of Talisman.