Two For Forty-Two

Today I’m going to look at two of the nominations that come from the same company, Gen 42.


Nominated for best Small Box Game

Hive is a two player game that requires no set up at all. You simply take your 11 pieces, either black or white and begin to play.

Hive is an abstract strategy game in which players take control of a variety of insects (and an arachnid) attempting to surround your opponents queen. Although the game has some elements borrowed from Chess it is it’s own animal.

Each piece has it’s own movement rules and can only move when it can physically slide to it’s new position and only if by moving it will not break the Hive.

The result is a game that has a lot of strategy and complexity with relatively simple rules. It’s certainly caught my interest and is sweeping the board for it’s category both on here and on the geek.

Check out this video for the rules on how to play Hive.

Junkyard Racers

Nominated for Best Family Game

The second nomination from Gen 42’s game line is Junkyard Racers. A game that has been called Mario Kart: The Board Game by non-other than Dice Tower extraordinaire Tom Vasel as well as Rob Harris from Playtest who put forward the nomination.

Mario Kart the Board Game? I’m sold! Although the game originally came out in 2003 it has just seen a reprint released this year.

The game supports 2 to 8 players and utilises a double-sided board for two different tracks. Make use of Missile Launchers, bombs and battering rams to beat your opponent to the finish line.

Check out this video for a full breakdown of what’s in the box and you can check out both games on Gen 42’s Website