Two For Two

Two player games are a particular weakness of mine, I often play games with my best friend or my brother and having a great game that works well for two is a must. In fact, the two games I’m going to talk about today both work with up to 4 but they were always intended for two.

Warhammer Invasion

Nominated for Best 2 Player Game

My game of the year last year and still my favourite game on my shelf, Warhammer Invasion is a Living Card Game that replicates an entire Warhammer game in 30 minutes using only cards.

In the core set you get enough cards to play four different races, all for the same price as one reasonably sized unit of plastics for Warhammer these days. Each faction plays completely differently and is infinitely expandable.

Warhammer Invasion mixes Ameritrash with the best of Euro Games, to create a card based war game with resource management, hand control and amazing combos. Even with just the core set there is hours of fun to be had, if you don’t believe me, why not check out this entirely impartial review from some blog called Unboxed… Or of course, there is the obligatory Dice Tower review.

Summoner Wars

Nominated for Best 2 Player Game

The second game I want to mention was highly decorated by the recent Dice Tower Awards. In Summoner Wars you are a Summoner in charge of an army made of Cards which move about on a paper grid.

To summon new units onto the board you must either burn cards from your hand or kill opposing units so that they are added to your magic pile. Obviously burning your own cards is only a short term solution, only by killing your opponents units can you hope to summon enough reinforcements to kill the enemy Summoner and win the game.

Summoner Wars is a simple game that features factions with a unique feel. It can be expanded with reasonably priced Faction Decks to add even more variety. Easy to pick up and play, Summoner Wars gets a big thumbs up from all of our contributors, well, maybe not Mark Rivera. Check out this review from the Little Metal Dog Show or watch Tom wax lyrical here.

As for me, Summoner Wars is still sitting in the cupboard just waiting to be played… I think it’s time will come pretty soon!