The Man Behind the Expo

On our first morning we had the great pleasure of meeting the man behind the UK Games Expo, Richard Denning, who is not only a legend for organising such a massive event, but he’s also pretty handy when it comes to designing a board game.

Last year Richard released The Great Fire of London, which received some great acclaim, so Mark Rivera from Board Games in Blighty was particularly excited to look at two of Richards Prototypes.

The first one was The Great Museum, a game about building the best possible museum exhibits, pretty interesting actually, take a look at the video and see for yourself.

The second game was Hastings 1066, unfortunately we don't have a close up of this game in action and the audio from the live feed was hideous. I’ll try and clean it up, but for now here are some pics of the game instead!


And here is the original stream footage of Richard talking…

Check back soon for more from the UK Games Expo!