Board Games News 10: Stratus News, OG Tournament plus The Making of Takenoko

Hey guys, it’s Saturday and that means it’s time for news…

OG Games Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament

First up, the online store OG Games will be holding a WFB tournament on the 25th/26th Sept to celebrate the 10 month anniversary of their London games club. If you are in the area and fancy a singles or doubles tournament then check out this link and go sign up. Lists need to be submitted by the 19th September and places are limited so marshal your forces and march to war.

Stratus Games

The guys over at Stratus, the producers of the fun new game Eruption, along with Launch Pad and Gold Mine, would like you to know…

  • Eruption was featured in TDmonthly Magazine’s staff picks for September as one of the “most promising, interesting, and innovative new toys”.
  • Stratus Games is hosting the first ever Eruption giveaway contest! The contest ends on September 23, 2011. To enter, answer the contest survey containing 10 easy trivia questions about Eruption. Each correct answer will earn an entry in the contest and additional entries can be earned by referring friends and interacting on Facebook and Twitter. The winner will be selected randomly from all of the valid entries.
  • There is still limited space available for last-minute signups for Eruption Preview Nights.
  • The Eruption preorder program will end on September 30, 2011.

The Making of Takenoko

Finally the guys over at Les Editions du Matagot thought you might enjoy an insight into the design of their upcoming release Takenoko.

Takenoko’s making of, by Antoine Bauza !

Now, let’s discover the story of Takenoko’s creation. Antoine Bauza, the author of Takenoko, returns on the development of his game, and on the origin of his inspiration, a travel in Japan.

Takenoko is one of the first games I worked on. It has experienced many versions and its evolution has been so chaotic that I have difficulties to remember exactly the whole story. The idea of the game came to me back from my first travel in Japan, in december 2003. During my visit of Tokyo zoo, I’ve been photographed at the parc entrance in front of a funny sculpture of two chinese pandas, a big one and a little one, cercling by bambous. Seeing this photography back to France has been the declic which put the project up. The only thing which never changed was the name Takenoko, litterally « bamboo shoot ». So, it was a normal photography during a touristic travel which gave birth to this game. The first prototype versions included two pandas, but the little one disappeared during the development. Nature is sometimes crual…

Takenoko’s development, long and tumultuous, has kept an immutable direction : I wanted players to have the feeling that bambous were really growing in front of them. To offer such experience, it’s was imperative that the material was good. Hazgaard and Matagot perfectly understood that, and of course respect my will. They found an elegant solution to give life to bambous. It took quiet a long time, but I think that the result really worth it. I thank them for their investment and perseverance.

We tried to make a great familial game with beautiful visuals and materials and based on an original topic. I hope you will like it! 


Parting Words

So, I’ve been a little behind lately but I absolutely promise to post a review this Wednesday. Also, I’m hoping to get a game of the beta version of Fantasy Quest in this Sunday! That’s about it for this week, see you back here on Wednesday.