Boxed Up Fun: Power Grid

Starting this week Boxed Up Fun and Unboxed have formed an unholy alliance to bring you awesome Video content. Here on Unboxed, Monday is Open Mic Monday, a day when guest contributors will able to submit posts to be displayed right here on the site.

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Boxed Up Fun, run by Jesse, is a great site focusing on producing high quality introductory videos. They also have a board game data base which features information on a large number of popular games and allows for user reviews of the games too.

But that’s enough jibber-jabber lets get to this week’s video: Power Grid

Boxed Up Fun: Power Grid

If you liked this video check out their site or their channel on Youtube and why not leave them a comment and encourage them to do more great videos? 

Well, I certainly enjoyed that, Power Grid is one of those games that I’ve gotten to the table only once and I’m really jonesing to get it out and play it again.

That’s it for now, check back soon for a review of Conflict at the Carrock.