Out This Week

This week’s UK releases courtesy of Paul at Board Game Guru:

Tuesday’s new releases present me with a difficult decision – which to play first? It’s almost impossible to decide which of ‘Gears of War’ and ‘Fortune and Glory : The Cliff Hanger game'‘ will get to the table afore the other. Both can be played solitaire and co-operatively, though ‘Fortune and Glory’ has a competitive mode as well. Both games are soaked with theme; ‘Gears’ from the video game license and ‘Fortune and Glory’ with its Indiana Jones inspired 1930’s pulp style. I think it’s probably going to be 'Fortune and Glory', and this video of the game from Gencon tipped the balance.

It is a strange week when a new Martin Wallace game is third choice for table time, however that is no reflection on the quality of ‘ Discworld : Ankh Morpork’ – I have heard great reports from play testers and those lucky enough to get a game at UK game conventions.

Other titles released on Tuesday include:-

An expansion for Modern Naval Battles Global Edition, it includes 110 new cards. The base game is back in stock

Two expansions for Dust tactics, ‘Axis Zombies’ and ‘Tank Busters’

‘Fiery Dawn’ Battle Pack for Warhammer invasion

‘Kingsport Dreams’ Asylum pack for Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game

The following Tuesday sees the release of ‘Elder Sign’ , the Lovecraftian dice game, from the Arkham Horror design team.

Essen pre-orders

I have added all of the QWG Essen offerings to the shop. They all will come with Essen promotional expansions (except ‘Dragons Gold’) they also all include English rules as standard.

The games include:-

‘Singapore’ from Peer Sylvester is goods conversion game set in the time of Raffles. I have got quite excited about this game from a rules read through which reminded me a little of ‘Glen More’ – however players share one board and there appears a lot of opportunity for interaction

‘Revolver’ – Mark Chaplin’s print and play space game has been rethemed and given a lavish production. This is a two player game with asymmetrical goals and decks. This is in the top five of my Essen wish list

‘Rattus :Africanus’ the second expansion for the plague themed anti –area majority game sees the disease spread across the Mediterranean, it also adds caravans, diplomats regional cards and new roles.

‘Panic Station’ is a traitor style co-op. The game is inspired by Carpenter’s all time greatest movie ‘The Thing’. A designer preview can be read here.

‘Lost Temple’ is a light, ‘Citadels’ style game where players are competing to be the first to find the temple

‘Dragon’s Gold’ is a remake of Bruno Faidutti’s 2001 classic


An Apology

Thanks for that Paul. I’m sorry guys that I didn’t manage to get a review up this week, it’s been hectic around here lately. Hopefully next Wednesday will yield more results, until then, have fun gaming.