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This weeks releases courtesy of our friends at Board Game Guru.


Following on from this week barnstorming releases there are some interesting games arriving on Tuesday

‘The Hills of Emyn Mul’ is the fourth adventure pack for 'Lord of the Rings the Card Game'

For Summoner Wars fans its a bumper week ; the master set includes six new play able factions and there are a couple of reinforcement packs (Goodwin’s blade and Hawk’s Strike) to help tailor your decks

‘Sentinels of the Multiverse‘ is a co-operative card game set in a tongue in cheek Comic super hero world.

The Scrolls’ is the 7th Module for Fresco. Originally a promotional item at last year’s Essen it has received a lot of praise for adding a strategic twist to the base game.

‘Arcana’ was one of the first Dominion clones to hit the market, Fantasy Flight have released a revised edition with added factions

More games have been added to the Essen section including ‘Dungeon Petz’ , ‘Last Will’ (these two are in my top five ‘must haves’), ‘Champions 2020’ and ‘Meltdown 2020’ from Cwali. These should all be in store on Monday 24th October

Happy gaming



In Other News

Thanks Paul. The more observant of you may well have noticed that this week Unboxed moved to a brand new address (which is why the site was down, apparently capital letters can break everything!!) however all links remain intact and there should be no further interruption in service. The site will be receiving a facelift soon too, but who knows when.

With regards to reviews I haven’t had time to actually play any games for the last month so it may well be a while until there are some new reviews up I’m afraid.


  1. Well written, Paul!

    Have you checked out the newest team/party game?...just released...amazing fun!

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