Out This Week

The new releases this week from our friends over at Board Game Guru… Take it away Paul.


The new releases this week include:-

‘1830 : Railways and Robber Barons’, Francis Tresham’s masterpiece has been released in a new edition which includes playing variants.

‘German Railways’ is a spruced up edition of Winsome’s Preußische Ostbahn, and the game could be described as distant descendent of ‘1830’.

‘Sparta’ is a two player game of conflict in ancient Greece between the Achaeans and the Spartans

‘Puerto Rico 10th Anniversary Edition’ is a rather special commemorative edition of the quintessential Euro. I saw a copy at Essen and it looks wonderful

‘Show Manager’ is a new edition of Dirk Henn’s 1996 classic.

'Ninja : Legend of the Scorpion Clan' is a 2 player battle between Ninjas and Samurai

'Strike of the Eagle', from Academy games, is a 2- 4 player game based on Poland's involvement in the Russian Civil war

‘Kingdom Builder’, from the designer of ‘Dominion’, is a family game that has been compared to ‘Through the Desert’. It has been very popular at my games club, and its one I am looking forward to playing

‘Ticket to Ride Map collection one’ includes a map of Asia and two ways to play, a team game for up to three teams of two players and a game with emphasis on the difficulty of building in mountain ranges

‘A Game of Thrones 2nd edition’ replaces the 2004 game (and its two expansions it includes elements of all three games). It also has all new art work and revised rules

‘Coney Island’, from Michael Schact, is an Essen release, with players competing to build the best attractions at the amusement park

Other news

I have had a restock of ‘Dust Tactics Core Set Revised’, ‘Spielbox 5/2011’, ‘Victory Point' and Cwali games

I am hoping ‘Trajan’ and ‘Santiago de Cuba’ (a recent favourite) will arrive this week along with ‘Tuarag’, the English edition of ‘Firenze’ and a restock of ‘Troyes’. 

Happy gaming