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This week’s releases from our friends over at Board Game Guru


Lots of exciting stuff this week  – both Imports  and UK general releases

In stock now we have

‘Trajan’ is Stefen Feld’s ‘Mancala’ inspired strategy game. Herr Feld’s other 2011 release ‘Die Burgen Von Burgen’ is back in stock

‘Santiago de Cuba’ is another middle weight Euro set in the ‘Cuba’ game world from EggertSpiel. I quite like this game; it’s fast paced and has a lot of tactical but not too taxing decisions. It reminds me a little of both ‘Cuba’ and ‘World without End’. Recommended- and this is the English edition

‘Firenze’ has, at last, an English language release. This tower building game is about the same game length (60 minutes) and weight as ‘Santiago de Cuba’ and is another recommendation

‘Ab in Die Tonne’ is a family game from Cwali is which players are trying to dispose of rubbish as efficiently as possible, it is a light dexterity game.

One of the highlights of Tuesdays releases is ‘Banners of War’, the first expansion for RuneWars. It adds new units, upgrades for existing units and faction specific abilities.

Another is a new edition of Philip Kayaert’s (Small World, Olympos) ‘Evo’ , with some small rule tweaks it’s great to see this game of Dinosaur evolution back in print

‘Return to Mirkwood’ is the sixth adventure pack in the ‘Shadows of Mirkwood’ cycle for Lord of the Rings the Card Game.

'Never Night' is the fourth Asylum Pack in the Ancient Relics cycle for Call o f Cthulhu Living card game

‘The Iron Rock’ is the third Battle Pack in The Capital cycle for Warhammer: Invasion

‘Castle Panic : The Wizards tower’ adds magic and upgraded monsters to the family co-operative game

‘Bulflrog Goldfield’ is a stock game about the last great Gold rush with players developing and investing in the infrastructure supporting the rush for gold. I have not played it but I have heard glowing reports from fans of hard core economic games.

‘Mundus Novus’ is a card game which uses the trading mechanism from ‘Mare Nostrum’ as its core mechanic

From Victory Point games in stock now

‘High and Tight’ is a two player baseball strategy game

‘TC Tennis : World Class Women’ and ‘Paul Koenig’s Operation Market Garden : Arnhem’

Cranio Games have now found a UK distributor and some of their 2010 releases will be back in stock on Tuesday. In addition to ‘Escape from the Aliens in Outta Space’ I will have the limited White Edition in stock for the first time. ‘Horse Fever’ and ‘Monkey see Monkey Do’ will also be back in stock

Alan Emrich is, in an industry full of nice people, one of the nicest I have worked with (he is the president of Victory Point games). His vast ‘Axis Empires – Totaler Krieg’ is now in a third edition with new rules and the ability to be hooked up with his new Pacific campaign game; ‘Axis Empires – Dai Senso!’. I have put both games together into  a special deal.

'Strategy and Tactics 271' includes a low complexity game about the second battle for Kharkov.

Restocks include ‘King of Tokyo’, ‘Airlines Europe’ ,’ Troyes’ and ‘Caylus

‘Mage Knight’, ‘Eclipse’and ‘Ora et Labora’ have been pushed back to  a December release

Happy gaming


Thanks Paul, I’m personally really excited about the reprint of Evo as I was looking for a copy for my little brother to fuel his love of dinosaurs and gaming. Also great news about the restock of King of Tokyo, a must have for Christmas me thinks!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with another game review, until then, have fun gaming.