Coming in 2012

It’s that time of year again when presents are exchanged between Friends and Families and for me that generally means new games, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what games I might be reviewing next year.

Merchants and Marauders

This is the biggest of my boxed games for this year (last year it was Descent!!!) but ever since this game was described to me as being like Elite but on the High Seas, I was interested. Listening to the D6Generations review of the game did not help to cool my enthusiasm and the components are just lovely, so it was inevitable that this game would end up in my collection.

And, pretty much like I did in Elite, I will go pirate because being the villain is always more fun!

Sentinels of the Multiverse

I’ve heard good things about this little game and having scanned through everything I’ve got to say I’m pretty siked about playing it. Not only is it a superhero game, which is a rarity amongst board games but it has some excellent artwork.

Blood Bowl Team Manager

As soon as this game was announced I wanted to buy it. I’ve had a love hate relationship with Blood Bowl for as long as I can remember. I love the concept and the miniatures, but I find the game stilted and boring instead of fast paced and chaotic. I’m really hoping that Team Manager will fix this for me, allowing me to play a fun game in this universe.

Thunderstone Heart of Doom

Technically this is a review copy but I was made to wrap it up and put it under the tree. When I get Heart of Doom it will complete my collection and finally fill my Dragonspire box, a fitting end to the Thunderstone saga. Looking forward to trying this game out especially the climatic final battle against the Heart of Doom itself.

Race for the Galaxy

RFTG represents another step in my attempt to retrace the history of modern gaming through the classics. I’m not sure how easy it will be to teach as my players can sometimes struggle with complexity and Race’s reliance on iconography could prove problematic, but I’m still looking forward to sampling this gaming staple.

Dwarf King

The new trick taking game from Bruno Faidutti has me intrigued. I’m a fan of short games like this and I like Bruno’s style (I’m a big citadels fan) so I’m hoping to squeeze in some rounds of this between bigger meatier games.


This is a silly little filler game from Spiral Galaxy that has some charming artwork. It’s simple, it’s short and it can produce some good laughs. Quite often Christmas is filled with party style games and I think braggart will please along side last years favourites like Wits and Wagers, Indentik and Saboteur.

And the games my little brother is getting

As many of you know my little brother has learning difficulties but he loves games so I’m always on the lookout for games he can enjoy, but that aren’t so simple or repetitive that the adults get bored of them.

King of Tokyo

Big colourful monsters beating ten bells out of each other with dice. This is a game Andrew will absolutely love but that I’ve heard is a joy to play with all ages.

Forbidden Island

A couple of months ago Andrew sat down to play Pandemic with us and while he enjoyed it, it wasn’t really visual enough for him to stay engaged with the gameplay, so I decided to pick up Forbidden Island which is slightly simpler and a lot more tactile and colourful but essentially identical to Pandemic.

So that’s what I’ll be playing over the holidays. If you want to share what you’ll be playing, why not head over to the UK Gaming Media Network Guild and let us know in our Christmas Gaming Geeklist.