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The Weekly Newsletter from our friends over at Board Game Guru


On to the games

‘Eclipse‘ will arrive on Tuesday and should ship to those who have pre-ordered and paid for their copy. I understand that the next print run will be available in April 2012.

‘War of the Ring 2nd edition ‘will be  here on Tuesday. This edition has taken the design improvements from the Collector’s Edition to make a new superbly playable version of the game. There is an upgrade kit available for owners of the 2004 nexus edition, and a box for organising the many cards in the game. If you are recent and passionate convert to the hobby let me eulogise War of the Ring – it's simply one of the best games I have played, it captures the tension and epic scope of Tolkien’s work like no other Middle Earth Game and the new edition is a lot easier to pick up and play than the first.

‘Memoir ’44 : Campaign Book Volume 2’ adds 46 scenarios and advance campaign rules

‘The Age of Darkness’ is a 90 card expansion for ‘The Rivals for Catan’

‘Catan Scenarios: Oil Springs’ adds the black stuff to Sheep, Wood et al.

‘Hibernia’ and ‘Cambria’, from Nerd Closet games, are simple Wargame/Euro hybrids.

A few Essen stragglers have arrived or are shortly due to they include ‘Mil 1049’, ‘The Village’ and ‘Space Bastards’



7 Wonders, Dungeon Petz, Star Trek Fleet Captains, A Few Acres of Snow,

This is the last newsletter of 2011 and I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Happy gaming