Happy New Year

So, another year is over but a new one is just beginning. What will 2012 have in store for us? I’m personally looking forward to the release of Descent 2nd Edition and Star Wars: The Card Game. I’m also hoping to pick up Panic Station, more Lord of the Rings expansions. I have my fingers crossed for a King of Tokyo expansion and more cards for Sentinels of the Multiverse.

But enough looking forward, lets look back. Here is a list of the top ten played games by me for the last year and a list from 2010.

Top Ten Played Games for The Duke BGG from 1 Jan 2011 through 1 Jan 2012

  1. The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game 63
  2. Thunderstone: Dragonspire 59
  3. Pandemic 26
  4. Archaeology: The Card Game 18
  5. Shuuro 17
  6. Nightfall 15
  7. Descent: The Road to Legend 14
  8. Lord of the Rings 14
  9. Summoner Wars 12
  10. Warhammer: Invasion 12

Top Ten Played Games  for The Duke BGG from 1 Jan 2010 through 1 Jan 2011

  1. Zooloretto 73
  2. Carcassonne 63
  3. Pandemic 24
  4. Talisman (fourth edition) 22
  5. Warhammer: Invasion 22
  6. Citadels 21
  7. Stone Age 20
  8. Catan: Traders & Barbarians 18
  9. Chrononauts 18
  10. Talisman (third edition) 17

Very interesting. Only 2 games made both lists, Pandemic and Warhammer Invasion. A major reason why some games have seen a lot of plays is reviewing. I’ve reviewed 3 Thunderstone expansions this year and I like to play a game about 10 times before reviewing it. Also, shorter games tend to see more plays and/or repeated plays in an evening. Co-op games see a higher number of plays in my lists because there tends to be a drive to keep trying until you win.

It’s interesting that the top two games of last year dropped right out of the list. In fact, there are no Euro games at all in this this years list, which surprised me somewhat. I, like many gamers, feel the draw of the “Cult of the New” so old favourites sometimes get shelved in favour of new games. Also, my collection has grown considerably this year so the total number of games played is spread out over a larger number of games. In total this year I played 434 which is only slightly less than the 443 played last year.

So, while I may no be playing some games as often, I still do go back and play old favourites and there are some games that I wish hit the table more often than they do, like Citadels for example.

Will the list for 2012 change much? I can almost guarantee it, but we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, have a great new year.