King of Quirky… CGE Present Three Awesome New Titles

CGE are well known for making quite off the wall and unique games such as Galaxy Trucker, Space Alert and Dungeon Lords and this year selection of Essen releases looks set to continue this trend with two new games and one new expansion.

This is my interview with Paul Grogan, one of the nicest men in gaming and if you can, track him down at a convention and play some games with him. A quick warning, we did have some sound issues with this one, but bear with it, I promise you it’s worth it.

So there you have it, more Dungeon Lords for DL fans, including extra rooms, new action spaces plus super strong Paladins! The cog mechanic in Mayan Ages looks super interesting (so interesting in fact that I could not get near a demo of it all weekend long). While Goblins Inc.sounds like a bizarre fun little game that should appeal to fans of old school wargaming, when goblins use to build crazy contraptions that were just as likely to kill themselves as the enemy.

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