Board Game News 22: Miniatures, Wine and Games plus This Weeks New Releases

Just a quick news update this week, also this is the last news update before my big move to Canterbury. Not sure when I’ll next have internet guys so Unboxed may go quiet for a few weeks but I promise, I will be back!

Otherworld Miniatures

If you didn’t catch the news flash earlier this week, Otherworld Miniatures, my favourite mini manufacturers are running an Indiegogo Campaign. They have already smashed their target and their first stretch goal but it’s still worth jumping in and backing them as these are going to be some of the best 28mm adventurer minis available!


Stonemaier Games

Jamey and Alan would like you to know about their Kickstarter project…

Wine lovers, wishful Vineyard owners, and gamers unite! Viticulture Game developed by St Louis duo

Jamey Stegmaier and Alan Stone have created a fun yet refined board game centred around the art and science of wine making, aptly named Viticulture. The St Louis team skilfully captured the romanticism of owning a vineyard, and packaged it into this entertaining game.

Jamey has been creating games for over a decade; Alan has also studied strategy games in-depth. Their journeys culminate here, under the Stonemaier Games™ logo, in a game already receiving international exposure.

Jamey and Alan are just in the beginning phases of getting Viticulture off the ground. To test market demand they’ve established a fantastic crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. The Viticulture campaign (open until 7 October) has gained great support to the tune of nearly 200% funding with 1 weeks remaining, fuelled by a buzz about the game, especially after it passed multiple tests by experts, enthusiasts, and novices alike.

About the game:

Viticulture challenges players to create, cultivate, and expand a vineyard in Italy. In the game, you find yourself in rustic Tuscany, where you've inherited a meagre vineyard. You'll have a few plots of land, an old crushpad, a tiny cellar, 3 workers, and the dream of owning the best winery in Italy.

Using those workers (and sometimes visitors) across the seasons, you expand your vineyard by building structures, planting vines, and filling wine orders as you work towards the goal of owning the most successful winery in Tuscany.

The game is sure to please those who enjoy wines, strategy games, or dream of the sights and sounds of a classic European Vineyard.

Number of players: 2-6
Time required: 45-90 min
Recommended ages: 13+
Interest in playing board games more challenging than Monopoly: Helpful
Knowledge of wines/vineyards required: Zero
Interest or love of wine required: Nada

Want to learn more, check out this designer diary by Jamey.


Kraken Games

Kraken Games has finally launched their Kickstarter for their game Evil Intent which we mentioned in the news a few months ago. Here’s what Christian has to say about the game…

Everyone wants to take over the world.

But, since taking over the real world requires a lot of time, energy, money and motivation – we made this game instead! Which… Also has taken us time, energy and motivation. Hmm. Now we’re just missing money! You should give us money. We’ll give you stuff too!

In Evil Intent, you can take over the world as many times you want, in many evil ways; all while taunting and thwarting your opponents. This isn’t a cooperative game. Nobody wants to share their reign. Our goal was for you to be malicious, loathsome, repulsive, vile, heinous and all around unpleasant towards each other. Unless you want to keep your friends, then it’s your call.

Players 2 - 6  |  Ages 12 and up

Game Play

Do you want to take on the role of a vile Overlord? Then check out their Kickstarter now


Stratamax Games

Box Cover ArtStrataMax Games is pleased to announce pre-orders for Essen pick up of
Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill which is debuting at Spiel are now being
accepted at our website:

In Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill each player is a sheepdog!
Players move flocks of sheep up the hill to the shepherds. The higher
a player's sheep get before meeting their shepherds, the more points
they will score. The player who scores the most points wins.

A deck of cards is used by the players to take actions such as placing
shepherds, putting sheep into flocks, moving flocks of sheep, and
moving the wolf. Flocks often contain sheep from many players and
cooperation can be key. But how long will this helpful, peaceful
pastoral scene last when the cards require players to take actions for
other players which can include placing opponents' shepherds in lower
scoring areas and moving flocks that do not contain their own sheep?

And a hungry wolf ever lurks in the background...

The first 400 purchasers will receive the Wolf Expansion Deck free!

Pre-ordered copies must be picked up at the Spiel in Essen by noon on Saturday at our booth #210 in hall 4. Failure to do so could result in forfeiture of the order without a refund.

Pre-orders are limited to in person pick up at Spiel 2012. We are unable to offer shipping at this time.

Don't be sheepish. Order the fluffy game with bite today for 35 Euro.
Bundle Let's Take a Hike for only 5 Euro more.

Max Michael -Stratamax Games


To celebrate the release of King of Tokyo – Power Up!, the first expansion to the planetary success by the author of Magic: the Gathering, Richard Garfield will be IELLO’s guest of honour to the next international Game Fair of Essen!

IELLO will then offer a exclusive promo card named “Garfield’s Gift”. The power on this illustrated blank card is meant be handwritten by the author himself during the signing sessions on IELLO’s booth (hall 9, stand 74) from Thursday, October 18th to Saturday, October 20th, from 11 a.m. to noon and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Anyone will be able to get his or her own, unique card. It’s time to figure out what ultimate power you’d like to possess: no one will dare contest when you play a secret weapon signed by the author himself!


Pre-orders for pick-up at the Game Fair are available at :


Richard Garfield strikes a!cid_image004_jpg@01CD9A74gain with this first expansion for King of Tokyo!

Life in Tokyo just got a little more dangerous! A new Monster has arrived in town: meet the incredible Pandakaï!

Plus each monster now has its own unique set of Evolution cards which can be acquired during play. Some of these evolutions are discarded when played, others are kept like the ‘Keep’ cards in the base game. All evolutions can be kept secret once drawn and are revealed only when played


· First expansion for the international best-seller game.

· A new monster : Pandakaï !

· New material to spice up your games!

Players: 2 to 6. Age: 8+. Duration: 30 min. Language: English.

Contents: 1 Rules booklet, 56 Evolution cards, 7 “counters”, 1 Pandakaï Monster Board, 1 cardboard figure + 1 plastic stand.

Release: ESSEN 2012

Suggested Retail Price: $20 / 15€



Welcome to a world where dinosaurs survived and live together with antique civilizations.!cid_image005_jpg@01CD9A85

As patriarch of one of the five ruling houses of Uchronia, you will struggle against other wealthy domains to get the city under your control. In order to build the city to your benefit, you will have to trade foreign treasures and raw material, build your own stock of resources, develop profitable activities and harass your opponents.

Only the most powerful will become the new ruler of Uchronia.


· The new game from Carl Chudyk, designer of Innovation.

· Profound strategy with simple rules and easy-to-set-up components.

· Numerous tactical choices offer great replayability.

Players: 2 to 5. Age: 14+. Duration: 45 to 60 min. Language : English.

Contents: 5 Domains / Player’s guides, 80 Building cards, 174 Resource cards, 5 Monopoly cards, 1 Last Turn card and 1 set of rules.

Out: ESSEN 2012

Suggested Retail Price: 25€ / $32,5

The rules for Uchronia are now available


Cons and Clubs

First up here are four Conventions you should know about if you live in the UK

Travel Con 12th – 14th October at The Travellers Rest, Kenton Road, Harrow

Apres-Essen Goodie Con 27th October at Belmont Hall in Wellington, Telford

Liverpool Lions 2nd Annual Con 4th Nov Sycthe and Teacup Cafe Liverpool

Grim Con 9th – 10th November Marston Hotel Blackpool

And what’s on this week?

Well if you live in the Manchester area, why not check out Board Games at the Ivy with Tim Cockitt. Tim always keeps me entertained with games at the UK Games Expo and he runs a Board Game Night once a month at Ivy Manchester Evangelical Church, 97 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester. M20 2GP. Friday 5th Oct 7:30pm to 11:00pm. The evening is free but some nice cakes or biscuits are always appreciated!

For more events check out the calendar below and to add your events to our calendar why not contact me



This Week’s Releases

And finally here is Board Game Guru’s Paul to tell us all about the upcoming week…


Next week's new release's

‘Spectaculum’ a circus themed equity game from Reiner Knizia.This is a Guru only UK release at the moment

‘Mage Wars’ and ‘Core spell tome’ – this has been receiving some rave reviews, not least of which is this video review by Tom Vasel

‘Memoir ’44 : Equipment pack’ – more of an auxiliary army than a pack – this large box includes about 200 minis, loads of scenarios and enough to keep the hardened ’44er happy for some time

‘World Conquerors’ – this looks quite entertaining – this review has persuaded me to open a copy when it arrives next week

‘Oath and Anvil’ is the first expansion for Rune age and includes 2 new playable factions, new cards for exiting factions and new scenarios

‘Seekers of knowledge’ is a large expansion for Call of Cthulhu Living Card game, and ‘Touched by the Abyss’ is the last 60 card Asylum pack. Going forward Fantasy Flight intend to release one large 165 card expansion every three months

‘A Harsh Mistress’ for A Game of thrones and ‘Portent of Doom’ for Warhammer Invasion make up next week’s living card game releases.

‘Vegas’, designed by Rudiger Dorn, gets a UK release next week. Despite the fact the Guru has had it in stock for 3 months I have only just got to play it and it’s brilliant and simple filler. Top recommendation!


‘Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Village and Tile Expansion’

‘Strategy and Tactics 277 : Ticonderoga’

‘World at War 26 : Race for the Reichstag’

Restocks due on Tuesday

Glen More , Hanabi (some will arrive a little later in the week)

Due the following week

Star Miniatures x Wing, y Wing and Star War Miniatures game bundle should be back in the shop on Tuesday 9th October

Expect to see a pre-order up soon for The Great Zimbabwe - the new Essen 2012 Splotter release

Happy Gaming



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