Board Game News 23: Geek and Sundry Take on Beasts of War

This months news will be short and sweet, mostly because I’m massively behind on my news reporting and most of what I have in my inbox is now older than Gandalf!

Geek and Sundry

For those not familiar with Geek and Sundry, hang your heads in shame. G&S is a network of shows run by the beautiful and brilliant Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. Enveloped within that network are a number of shows including the Guild and Tabletop (an excellent show all about board games, you really ought to check it out!) Well now, Tabz from Geek and Sundry would like you know about a new show to the network, On The Table, a joint production with Beasts of War, one of the best video podcasters in the world of miniatures and wargaming.

This is a very exciting collaboration and it’s great to see gaming becoming more mainstream. Please check out the video and subscribe to the show!

Angry Duck Games

The guys over at Angry Duck Games would like you to know about their Kickstarter, Zombies 101.

Hello!  We are Angry Duck Games, and we’re here to present you with Zombies 101, a new game set in a high school that is the epicenter of a zombie outbreak.

In Zombies 101 - a board & card game for 2-4 players - you play an infected, but not yet turned, high school student.  Standing at one end of a trashed, bloodstained hallway, you listen to a PA announcement from your principal explaining the situation.  Apparently your eccentric science teacher’s crazy experiments went horribly wrong and became the zombie virus!  Realizing his mistake, the teacher was able to produce an antidote… just before he was eaten by his former students. 

Because you start the game infected you can’t just escape the school: you need to get to the science lab at the end of the hall, through a horde of zombified students, find an antidote in the lab, and of course, get back out.  Be the first player to do this, and you win.

So, if that sounds like your cup of tea be sure to check them out at Angry Duck Games.


This Week’s Releases

And as always I’d like to welcome Paul from Board Game Guru to tell us about this week’s new releases…


Next week’s new releases include

Three from Queen

‘Escape from the Temple Curse’ (frantic, cooperative dice rolling)

‘Urbanization’ (city building through the ages)

‘Locomotive Werks’ (Winsome’s 2002, train building game – check it out if you are fan of Martin Wallace’s Automobile)

Three from Mayfair

‘Urbania’ (Yes more city building)

‘A House Divided 4th Edition’ (new edition of Chadwick and Emrich’s Civil War in an hour game)

‘Clash of Wills Shiloh 1862’ (Martin Wallaces’s 2nd foray into the American Civil war, using the same system as, and by all accounts improved on, ‘Test of Fire’)

Two from Rio Grande Games

‘Power Grid : United Kingdom and Northern Europe’ adds the map we have been waiting for since 2004.

‘Copy Cat’ is Friedman Friesse’s homage to the greatest games of the last 10 years – it has borrowed elements from Pueto Rico, Through the Ages and Dominion, thrown them into a melting point with a dose of humour to create a political game.

‘Operation Neptune’ and ‘Normandy’ are two small add on for D Day Dice with new maps, command points and rewards.

After what seems like an age 'Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear' returns in a 2nd edition.

'Crown of Roses' from GMT is a complex three hour Block game about the 15th conflict between the white and red roses.

'Curse of undeath' is the fourth faction or Dungeon Command

'Metro 2033' is a board game based in Dmitry Glukhovsky’s post apocalyptic Moscow

There was a small mid week release of games and I am delighted to report that Richard Hamblin’s masterpiece ‘Merchant of Venus’ is in stock. Fantasy Flight have done a tremendous job on the new edition – it looks stunning and includes two games – one almost identical to the 1988 version and new edition of the game, updated for the 21st century.

There are three new expansion for Super Dungeon Explore – 'Caverns of Roxor', 'Rock Top Gang'and 'Fireflow Denizens'.

Other releases (all from Rio Grande) include 'Monster Factory', 'Spin Monkeys', 'Unexpected Treasures' (a new edition of Fundstücke).

Tzolkin is on general release in the UK – my copies are imported straight from the publisher and will arrive on Thursday. They are a lot cheaper than those on general distribution and I thank you for your patience in waiting for them to arrive.


Thebes, Race for the Galaxy, All creatures Great and Small, Pandemic and On the Brink

Essen 2012

I was not expecting this year’s crop of games to be as good as they are – whilst there is no one game that defines the show in the way that Agricola, Le Havre and Eclipse/Mage knight did in their year of release I continue to be delighted by how many excellent games I have played from the show.

Two real highlights that I think will be playing for many years to come are Terra Mystica and Pax Porfiriana. I have received my second batch of Terras and these will be the last available until the Zman reprint in 2013 and my fourth batch of Pax’s arrives next week.

To add to these two top recommendations I’d add Ginkgopolis, Surburbia, Co2, Love Letter, Coup, The Great zimbabwe, Keyflower and Snowdonia and there are still a lot that I have to play which I have heard great things about. I am working towards getting stock of those I dont have at the moment

Happy Gaming