Board Game News 24–The Mysterious to the Sublime

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King of Tokyo board game wins 3 awards at Golden Geeks 2012!

Just a few months after receiving the Dice Tower Gaming Award 2011 for best family game, King of Tokyo wins no less than 3 prizes at the 2012 Golden Geek Awards: Best party game! Best family game! Best children’s game! A new record for a party game. And it is certainly not over yet!

Each year since 2006, the biggest board‐game community in the world (400,000+ registered users),, awards Golden Geeks to the best board games.

King of Tokyo is a dice game in which you play gigantic monsters fighting over the destruction of the Japanese capital city. Simple rules and stunning graphics make King of Tokyo a quick, fun, easy‐to‐play game. Quite a winning formula, since the game have been a dazzling worldwide hit, selling in 15 languages. Power Up!, the first expansion for King of Tokyo, was released in October 2012.
Mathematics teacher Richard Garfield is celebrated worldwide as the designer of Magic the Gathering™.

The Board Game Arena

After "Seasons", "Color pop" and "The Boss", Board Game Arena has just released an online adaptation of Takenoko, a game from Antoine Bauza, published by Matagot and Studio Bombyx.

Takenoko is the 27th games adapted on Board Game Arena realtime online boardgaming platform.

"In Takenoko, you are building a bamboo garden to feed the Emperor of Japan's panda. You are scoring points by fulfilling your secret objectives: make a specific configuration of bamboo appears on the bamboo garden, feed the panda with a specific set of bamboo sections, or build a specific combination of tiles in the garden.

To do all this work, you only have two actions per turn, and eventually a little help from the weather dice. Obviously, you'll have to guess your opponents objectives and use their moves to fulfill your own objectives."

Check it out at The Board Game Arena


Ivan from would like you to know about a new game he is launching via Kickstarter:

Pivit is a new game on kickstarter that's thoughtful like chess, but also works for 2 to 4 players. The designers have put in some effort to make everything simplistic/iconic, including a very cool ambigram logo.

Sound like your kind of game? Then check out their Kickstarter


Do you like murder mysteries, then check out

We have set up a website of Murder Mystery games (6-11 players), available
in multiple languages. So far three games are available. They are set in
the 18th Century Caribbean, the late Neolithic, and at the court of
Hamlet. (The latter is studded with extensive quotations from
Shakespeare). They are to be played as a parlour game, not online.

The Black Pearl

Our games are quite heavily scripted (like a play), though open discussion
rounds are included. They will appeal to those who enjoy a gripping story,
a good turn of phrase, a conundrum to puzzle over, and an opportunity to
bring out the actor within.

Gryphon Games

After many years of hard work crafting and developing the Rise of the Occulites setting, the first game in the Rise of the Occulites Saga, "Dawn - Rise of the Occulites" will launch with Eagle Games on Kickstarter in Early 2013.

The game sees you in control of a Tribe of Occulites, fighting for survival throughout a series of scenarios that can be played as one offs or as a full blown campaign.

Play simple pickup games with the introductory rules, or watch your Tribe advance and evolve over the course of a Sungem Season, whilst gaining Learned Abilities through your actions on the board.

Dawn - Rise of the Occulites uses a mechanic called the "Natural Selection Deck" that determines how you move, fight and resolve situations within the game. The way you manage this deck will reflect how well your Tribe does in any given scenario.

Immerse yourself in a unique story and setting that tells of the Occulites discovery and the evolving history of them and their lands.

So with launch only a short time away, now is the time to prepare for Dawn - Rise of the Occulites.

We hope you'll spread the word and pledge towards the game, as this is one discovery you won't want to miss!

For more information follow the blog at: RiseoftheOcculites


  1. These models form "Rise of the Occulites " look weird..but interesting weird. I've been following their stuff for a while and am curious to see what the Kickstarter will be.

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