Keeping It Organised–E-raptor Dice Towers

The guys over at e-raptor recently sent me a selection of their Dice Towers. As I’ve previously said I don't use Dice Towers in my games, but I know many people do so here is what I thought of them.

Slim and Skull & Bones

First up, these two dice towers use pins instead of ledges to randomise the dice.


Both do a good job, I thought the slim might be too small to fit a 20 sided dice through but it works just fine. The pins for the skull and bones tower (which has a skull and bones etched into the rear Perspex) were initially very fiddly until I realised you just pushed them through the front of the tower. The pins on the slim require a bit of force to push through the perspex and I suspect will be quite difficult to disassemble.

However the biggest problem I had with the slim was it’s lack of tray. Each dice I dropped through it went skittering off the table. The slim tower is designed to have a small footprint so it can fit in a game box, but that also means it lacks a method of stopping your dice as they power through the opening at the base.

The Steam Punk Box

This is a better tower for storing in a game box, in my opinion than the slim. They both would take up the same amount of space, but this tower would require assembly and disassembly each time.


As you can see it all comes in a neat little box, which opens up to reveal…


All the components for your steam punk tower. Now previous products from e-raptor have had their assembly instructions laser etched onto the base, however none of the ones I received this time came with instructions. There are however pictographical representations on the website showing you how to assemble them… which I realised after much guess work! 


The completed tower works well and takes less than 30-seconds to take apart and store back inside the box which forms the base tray. Also, the large cutaways in the sides of the tower are not only aesthetically pleasing but also allow you to see the workings of the tower as the dice bounce down.


Dragon and Castle

Finally e-raptor also sent me their Dragon and Castle towers. These things are large centrepiece towers that will dominate any gaming table.


They look great, although I suspect their size is rather out of scale with their purpose, unless you are rolling vast numbers of dice in a game. However, painted up these would make a great additional to a roleplaying table, adding extra theme and a sense of scale and adventure.

Just to give you a sense of how big they are, here is the Castle next to my Thunderstone Roots of Corruption box…


And I promise there is no forced perspective going on in this shot. The Castle measures nearly a foot tall with the dragon being only slightly shorter.

All of towers can be found on e-raptors site, or if you are ordering in the UK they can be found at Wayland Games, Quest Games and many more, check this list of distributors for a retailer in your country.