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Variable Phase Order
Variable Phase Order implies that turns may not be played the same way as before and / or after.
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Ares Expedition

A new, stand-alone game in the universe of the internationally best-selling game, Terraforming Mars! In this time of unprecedented prosperity and advancement for humankind, we are finally ready to expand beyond what once were considered our limits and make a new home among the stars. Ares Expedition is a card game where you take control of an interplanetary corporation with the mission to make Mars habitable (and profitable). Featuring simultaneous action selection and simultaneous resolution, Ares Expedition is a fast-playing strategy game inspired by scientific principles. Will you lead humanity’s new era?

Devil Island

Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island is a complete starter set that includes all of the rules, tiles, miniatures, and cards you need to play Super Dungeon: Explore 2nd Edition!
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