Updated: Jul 11

It is said that 70% of the profits made by SJG come from the sales of Munchkin related products and of all the games I’ve review thus far it is the only one you can buy in a non-specialist game shop, which I guess makes it the most “mainstream” game in my collection.

It is easy to see why Munchkin is sooooo popular but it is also easy to see why some people detest it. Lets take a look at the concept…

It’s a Role-Com-Card Game

Munchkin takes the most popular Role Playing Game ever (Dungeons and Dragons) and ridicules its many foibles and it does so with four pages of rules and two decks of cards, a Door Deck and Treasure Deck.

In Munchkin you start play as a level 1 Human, as play progresses you can add or remove race cards and class cards in the pursuit of what matters most to a Munchkin, Power and Gold! Like in a Role Playing Game you go up levels by killing monsters. You gain treasures by killing monsters too and those in turn help you defeat harder monsters. When you reach level 10 you win.

It’s that simple.