Red November

Updated: Jul 9

This week we’re talking about Fantasy Flight’s Silver Line games and that brings me to this week’s review Red November. I first read about this gnomish co-op game of disaster aboard a submarine around Christmas time in one of FFG’s Family Games suggestion articles. I loved the concept, but the reviews on BBG were less than favourable in most cases. However, when I found the game on ebay for just £13 inc. P&P I decided “what’s the harm?” and bought the game.

The Fluff

You are a Gnome aboard the Red November, the doomed submarine. Besieged by floods, fires, defunct missiles and the abominable Kraken you must fight to survive for sixty minutes until you can be rescued. Luckily there is plenty of grog around to make the whole experience that little bit more pleasant.


The main element of the game is the Time Track that runs round the edge of the board, going from 0-60. The track is marked with Event Markers, every time you pass one of these something bad will happen or something bad that had already happened will get worse.

On your turn you can move around the sub, but doing so takes time. You can move through as many rooms as you like at the cost of 1 minute per hatch you opened, plus 1 additional minute for every flooded room you move through. Once you have moved you may take one of several actions, generally these are “Fix It” actions or “Take Item” actions. Once you have taken an action your turn ends and you move your marker on the time track forward the number of minutes you spent moving and performing your action (you mark this using a white marker so you don’t forget how many minutes you used). As you pass the icons on the Time Track you now draw Event Cards and resolve them. Play then passes to the player whose marker is furthest back on the Time Track. This process of moving and actions continues until you are all dead or until you are rescued.