Updated: Jun 13

On the face of it Aquaretto appears to be a simple retheme of Zooloretto with meeples because, well, games have to have meeples. But actually it’s an entirely different animal.


You are the manager of a Water Zoo, planning where exactly on your big grassy field you can build your basins for all the aquatic animals that are arriving (somewhat randomly) at your Zoo. Luckily you have some offers of land from local farmers which is available for purchase, so you can expand a little, but space is still tight and what with the WSPA rulings on just how much space you need for each separate species things are going to get tough.

As if that wasn’t enough you also ended up working as a one-man Human Resources department as you attempt to control your unruly crew of meeples, making sure that they carry out the most important jobs in your zoo!


Well, I may have embellished that a little, but it’s still a fun game. Let’s take a look in the box:

  • 5 Wooden Trucks

  • 30 Wooden Coins

  • 1 Red Wooden Disk

  • 10 Coin Tiles