Carcassonne: The Cult & The Siege

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The Cult

Druid Groves, Celtic Stone Circles and Enormous Wicker Men are appearing all across the French countryside and quite frankly the devout Carcassonian Monks have had enough. Of course the Heretics aren’t about to take it lying down and so war has erupted, shattering the relative peace of renaissance France.


So what do you need to fight this religious revolution?

  • Basic Carcassonne

  • 6 “Cult Place” Tiles

Playing the Game

The Cult plays exactly like standard Carcassonne with Cult Places acting exactly like Cloisters, except when placed adjacent to an existing Cloister.

If a Cult Place is placed adjacent (diagonally or orthogonally) to an occupied Cloister then the Heretic and the Monk are placed on their sides to show that they are now locked in mortal combat.