Zooloretto: Job Boards

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

The Board of Directors has informed you of the results of years of study and now you know exactly what kind of animals will drive your public into a spending spree. If you can bag yourself the right kind of animals you’ll get a big bonus at the end of the year and if you’re really lucky the animal welfare inspector might not even notice all those extra elephants in your barn.


To play this variant you need all the components from the base game plus the job boards which appear in the “Gorilla Expansion” or “Expansion 2”

However I would personally recommend downloading these from Liumas on Board Game Geek. I used photoshop to shrink them and fit them all on one sheet, printed them on label paper and stuck that to thick card board. This will give you a much larger number of Job Boards to play with and it will stop other players being able to guess exactly which animals you need.

Playing the Game

At the start of the game each player is dealt a job board face down. If you are playing with fewer than 5 players then keep drawing until you have a job board featuring 3 animals that are in the game.

Zooloretto Job Boards

On your board are pictured 3 different animals, the first animal is worth 3 Bonus Points for EACH completed enclosure containing that animal, the second 2 bonus points and the third is worth 0 points in your barn (instead of –2) at the end of the game.