Weekend Warrior: Dreamin' of Electric Sheep

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Android Board Game

Way back in 2007 Fantasy Flight games attempted what can only be described as an ambitious project and a labour of love for designer Kevin Wilson. That’s right, this weekend I’m talking about Android. Many people will know the Android universe from the hugely popular Android Netrunner, however I would wager a lot less people have heard of it’s older brother and even fewer have actually played this behemoth.

I’ve owned the game for a good long time but it has languished on my Shelf of Shame unplayed for nigh on a decade due to the sheer complexity of the beast. The rulebook for Android is 40 plus pages, admittedly, it’s beautifully illustrated, but as gameplay proved later, not that intuitive for looking stuff up. Fantasy Flight’s newer Reference Guide rulebooks would have really helped us out as we waded into the dense thicket of rules that is Android. The game does feature a handy dandy index at the back of the rulebook but not every rule is listed and there are a lot of them.

For those that don’t know what Android is, the game revolves around attempting to solve a murder. Each detective has already made up their mind who the guilty party is and is trying to find as much evidence as they can that points to that suspect. If your suspect is found guilty you score 15 points at the end of the game. The number of suspects in play is equal to the number of detectives plus 1, meaning it is possible, although unlikely that no player’s suspect is found guilty at the end