Thunderstone: Thornwood Siege

Updated: Sep 19, 2019


You are a hero, using gold you have drawn further Heroes to your side. You’ve bought magical blades, sinister spells and honourable mercenaries. Together you forge deep into the heart of Thornwood, looking for the fabled Stone of Blight. While you were gone however the village came under attack by brigands, they left none alive, they stole, raped and pillaged, reducing your stores, using up precious resources and slaying potential allies, making it that much harder for you to complete your quest and find the stone!


Thornwood Siege contains:

  • 1 Thunderstone

  • 90 Hero Cards (7 Sets)

  • 112 Village Cards (14 Sets)

  • 50 Monster Cards (5 Sets)

  • 1 Guardian

  • 30 Randomisers

  • 27 Dividers

  • 18 Tokens