LOTR LCG: The Hills of Emyn Muil

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Brand Son of Bain

How can we forget the fabled Hills of Emyn Muil where Sam and Frodo spent most of a book wandering aimlessly lost until that “sneak” Gollum found them and brought them to the Black Gate.

This scenario however is not about that encounter, but instead we find our heroes searching this barren land for the creature Gollum, to capture him before he can do any harm. But before we get to that, let's take a look at the player cards that can be found inside The Hills of Emyn Muil.

The Hero

Brand Son of Bain, famed archer of the waterside village of Dale joins our merry band of heroes in this Adventure Pack. Brand represents the second Hero with the ranged keyword and notably both of them are from the tactics sphere.

As Brand’s power, to choose and ready another player’s Hero after he defeats an enemy engaged with that player, is predicated on there being a second player, makes Brand a useless solo Hero. However, in a two or more player game Brand is actually very good for his cost of 10. His attack is easily equal to any of the other heroes for the same cost, while his will and defence are also high. His weakest asset is his low health, but that can be solved through the addition of Citadel Plate.