Weekend Warrior: Tick, Tick, Boom

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We play games for many reasons, sometimes we play to relax, other times to enjoy social time with our friends. We play for intellectual stimulation, we play to immerse ourselves in a alternate reality and to experience things we have never experienced before.

Fuse Renegade Studios

Rarely, however, do I set out with the intention of playing a game to increase my stress levels! That, however, is exactly how I felt this weekend when my friends and I took on Fuse, from Renegade Studios. Fuse is a real time, co-op game about defusing bombs. It uses a ten minute timer with a computerised voice reminding you just how little time you have remaining.

Each player has in front of them two bombs which they must defuse in a very exact way using dice. One player draws dice from the bag and rolls them, each player must then take one of those dice and add it to their bomb, if they cannot take a die it sets everyone back.

Unlike most co-op games Fuse does not suffer from Alpha gamer syndrome. It is physically impossible to work on your own bombs while telling the other players what to do. However, you must find a way to work together. Making decisions quickly is crucial, finding ways to quickly make your needs known to the other players so that you can each grab a dice and get back to rolling is essential. Whenever the game locks up because of indecision it is a nerve wracking experience.

Fuse Renegade Studios