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Crusade of the Forgotten

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

As I neared the completion of my Descent collection earlier this year I panicked, I'd never been this close to not owning any Descent minis that weren't painted... who knows what might happen if I finished them all... so I bought some more just to be on the safe side.

At the time there were plenty available (we'll get to my next panic moment next week) so I scouted about and read up on a few of the Monster and Hero packs and plumped for the Crusade of the Forgotten, partly because it was cheap on Amazon and partly because it brought more female heroes into the game.

Unfortunately the earlier Hero and Monster Collections have less good quality casts, something I would only find out later. This lack of quality combined with the issues I'd had with the miniatures in Shadows of Nerekhall nearly put me off picking up any more content for the game, but I eventually relented.

Anyway, enough rambling here are the minis. First up we have the ladies and this is where the worst of the quality issues appear. The smaller scale of the heroes in Descent means the poor quality edges, mold lines and flashing is at it's worst here.

Still, I think they turned out okay and I'm very pleased the freehand on Astarra's dress.

Next up we have the monsters, painted over the course of three evenings. It took me a while to find some inspiration with these guys but I'm pretty happy with them all now they are finished.

The Medusas are my favourite group, they are mostly just a base coat, wash and then the finer details like the scales and snakes picked out in a lighter colour but I think it was pretty effective.

The sorcerers were a bit of a grind, but they turned out okay. I do like the look of their staffs.

The Golems were the first ones I finished for this expansion , they are supposed to have a cracked rocks with inner glow look, but I didn't really quite pull it off. They still have a nice imposing presence on the table though.

Well, that's it for another week, until next time, have fun painting,

The Duke


The Duke was late writing this article because he's teaching himself Adobe Illustrator, it is not going well!

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