Day 10 - Marvel Legendary: Heroes of Asgard

Updated: Apr 21

This year Marvel Legendary switched to a four expansions, per year, distribution format and it is not only becoming difficult to store but it’s also becoming difficult to keep up with and that’s coming from someone who plays Legendary 50-100 times a year! Now, Covid certainly hasn’t helped matters, we play once a week via TTS but we still play fewer games overall and I dislike playing new expansions via Tabletop Simulator as players will have a harder time reading and understanding new cards just because the system can be clunky.

However, come Christmas time we managed to get some face to face gaming in and finally break out one of the newer expansions, Heroes of Asgard. It’s been a while since Legendary visited the realm of the Norse Gods, Thor appeared in the base set, along with Loki, and Lady Thor popped up in the Secret Wars expansion. But other than that we’ve only had a handful of Asgardians mostly scattered into the Villains expansion.

Heroes of Asgard fixes that, with five new hero groups, but featuring 7 new heroes. We have Thor, Sif, Valkyrie, The Warriors Three and Beta Ray Bill. They also feature a new team icon, The Heroes of Asgard. We have some new keywords and some returning keywords, along with four new schemes, two new villain groups and two new masterminds.

The new keywords for the set are Worthy, which simply means reveal a card of cost 5 or more and Villainous Weapon, which means attach to the villain closest to the villain deck. Conqueror is a first time outing for this keyword in the mainline Legendary series, although it had appeared in the MCU editions of the game. Streets Conqueror 1 means get +1 fight as long as there are enemies in the Streets. Thematically this is odd, because you can use that additional fight to attack the bridge or the sewers, intentionally leaving the streets overrun with enemies because you get boosted. The negative side of Conqueror is that the villains have it too so they get boosted if you leave enemies around for too long.