Marvel Champions: Ms Marvel

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Ms Marvel is one of the rising stars of the Marvel lineup. Like Peter Parker before her, she has a youthful vibrance and fallibility but she also brings diversity and sense of hope to the Marvel Universe. She names herself for her favourite hero, Captain Marvel, in a type of hero worship that we, as the reader, can relate to. And now she arrives into the world of Marvel Champions to embiggen our gaming experience… But is Ms Marvel worth picking up? Let’s take a look...

Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel

Kamala has an excellent recovery value of 5 meaning she can quickly get back in the fight after taking a beating. Her hit points might be lower than some of her contemporaries, at only 10, which combined with her low defence means you’ll probably need to recover more often. Her power in Alter Ego form though allows her to discard cards until she finds a signature card, combined with a hand size of 6, which means any time you start your turn in alter ego form you can have 7 cards to play making it a tempting proposition, although you will burn through your deck much faster than other heroes.

In her hero form Ms Marvel has low stats, 1’s across the board, but you’ll likely not want to use her for her stats and instead for her power. After she plays an event she can exhaust to recover it to her hand. This is not only great because it allows you to play an event twice in a row, but can also be useful for resource recovery.