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Painting Pledges 2022

2021 is over and it’s time to look to the future. Well, nearly, firstly we’re going to take a quick look back and see how I got on last year.

Every year I give myself a series of challenges to complete, and every year I fall short and 2021 was no exception. As always I wrote my pledges at the start of the year and then I added an update in July as more stuff had arrived.

  • Finish TMNT - 66 minis

  • Finish Clan Kitsune (Completed) and Paint Caverns of Roxor and Devil Island for Super Dungeon Explore - 59 minis

  • Paint Shadow of the Bat & Arkham Asylum - 55 Minis

  • Finish Massive Darkness - 9 Minis

  • Paint Zombicide 2nd Edition Base game - 88 Minis

  • Paint Marvel United and all retail Expansions - 36 Minis

  • Paint Aftermath - 23 Minis

  • Paint a total of 400 miniatures across all ranges - 183 Remaining

Then in July I added

  • Tetsudo Tower for Super Dungeon Explore - 7 minis

  • Paint Downwood Tales - 26 minis

  • Paint Oh. Brother - 15 minis

  • Finish Descent - 19 minis

Let’s talk about the failures first. TMNT I did 58 of 66, coming up just 8 short. Batman, I did 0, because it arrived a week before I went home for Christmas, rather than as schedule in January 2021. Downwood Tales I finished 7 short, I just wasn’t excited to come back and finish. Descent, I did the 19 minis, but I didn’t “Finish” because I ended up buying a bunch more as you’ll see in next years pledges.

Everything else I either finished or exceeded. Super Dungeon I finished everything I set out to do, plus a handful of heroes and mini bosses and six adorable pets.

Zombicide 2nd Edition I crossed off 100 minis including the base game and the first expansion, Washington ZC.

Marvel United I pledged to paint all the retail boxes, but ended up painting everything!

I had a bumper year for Jerry Hawthorne games too, doing Aftermath, Oh Brother and most of Downwood Tales.

I also did a bunch of stuff that wasn’t on the list, the Red Dwarf Minis, a slew of Pulp City including the massive monster kit and I even snuck in some Invader in the closing moments. Overall I clocked in at 450 minis for the year, not including any terrain or props that I also painted.

So that’s enough retrospective, what’s on the docket for next year?

  • Super Dungeon - one of each clan, Ika, Tora, Yamazaru and the Elemental Shrine (30)

  • Imperial Assault (7)

  • Descent - Crown of Destiny, Guardians of Deephall, Stewards of the Secret & Shards of Everdark (52)

  • Massive Darkness Hellscape (68)

  • Batman Shadow of the Bat (40)

  • Marvel United X-Men (10)

  • Zombicide Fort Hendrix (13)

  • Robinson Crusoe (18)

  • Finish TMNT (8), Finish Downwood Tales (7) Finish Tail Feathers (7)

  • A total of 350 minis across all ranges

Kicking off the list I’d like to paint at least one of each clan for SDE so that I can have the most variety of spawn points. I’ll likely also return to Pet Patrol and some of the individual heroes etc.

I have some Imperial Assault expansions that crept into the collection at the end of last year that I want to cross off so I can go back to having a complete collection. And honestly, that’s already begun!

As I noted above I picked up the remaining Descent expansions, I don’t know if I can get them all painted this year, but they are on the list and honestly, as we’re currently in the middle of a campaign, now would be a great time to get them painted up and on the table.

Massive Darkness Hellscape is on a boat somewhere as we speak. I’m not pledging to paint everything that’s coming but I’ll definitely aim to do the core, but I’m sure there will be other bits I want to get my brushes on.

Batman will happen sooner rather than later, although I want to try and do a style that befits the animated series origins of the minis.

Marvel United X-Men is something like 100+ minis and given how exhausting it was doing all 85 last year I can’t promise I’ll do them all, but I’ll at least make a start with the base set.

Fort Hendrix is the other big box expansion for Zombicide, it’s only a handful of models but I’ll likely put this one off until we’ve at least tried the campaign mode for Washington Z.C.

Robinson Crusoe has some fantastic looking minis and should be turning up Q3 of this year, so it’s not imminent but I’m excited to try it when it arrives.

Finally I want to finish all the stuff I didn’t finish last year, TMNT, Mice & Mystics and Tail Feathers. Overall this gives me a total 260, which is entirely achievable. I’m going to aim for 350 for the year as I know I’ve got some big minis that will take multiple sessions to finish in this list and also hopefully restrictions will start to lift soon so I might be doing more in person stuff which will take me away from the painting table a bit.

I’ve also left room for other things to show up, for example ISS Vanguard. Or for me to just dive deeper into some of the extras for games like Marvel United, Massive Darkness or Batman.

Regardless, I think it’s going to be a good year for painting and hopefully you’ll enjoy seeing my work come to life. Let me know in the comments below what games you’re planning to paint and which of the games on my list you’re most looking forward to seeing me paint.


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