Weekend Warrior - Undead Déjà Vu

This weekend myself and my constant gaming companion Dave got Zombicice 2nd Edition to the table. With a dozen or so plays of the original under our belts we were excited to see what this new edition of the game would bring.

We decided to start at the beginning, with Mission 1 - City Blocks. It quickly became clear that this (and each of the first 10 missions included with 2nd Edition) was a reimplementation of a mission in the original game.

However, unlike the first edition version which produced a tight and tense atmosphere of fear, this play was something entirely different. In the second edition you begin the game with incrementally better equipment. The early game of the original was full of turns where players passed the best equipment back and forth so nobody had to use the pan except in the most extreme of circumstances. This slight boost of power is enough to kickstart the game and to cut down the play time, but at the expense of removing some of the turn angst as you search for new gear, always in fear of finding a solitary walker.

However the developers didn’t stop there. Every tile, including the starting room, has pimpweapon crate containing an exciting and powerful weapon. Meaning from the get go you are slaughtering zombies like a bos