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Year in Review 2022

Whoa... this post is late... right? Life gets in the way I'm afraid but lets take a quick look back at what 2022 looked like.


693 Plays

73 Different Games

23 New To Me Games

Total Games Owned 300

Total Expansions Owned 450

57% of all games played at the weekend

44% of games played at 4 players

19% of games played Solo (144)

21% of collection played in 2022

25% of games played online

56% Win Rate

So, in comparison to last year I played more games overall, 693 vs 611, but fewer unique games 73 to 87 and fewer new to me games 23 to 26. This makes sense as I was playing less online (25% compared to 48%), so trying new to me games means buying new games (in general I buy the games in my groups) rather than playing a digital implementation.

I played a similar amount solo this year to last, which I guess is a positive to come out of the pandemic, knowing I can enjoy my collection in a new way.

Most Played Games of the Year

5. Sub Terra - 38

6.The Crew - 32

9 - Batman 19, Zombicide 19 & Paleo 19

Honourable Mention - 5 Minute Mystery 16

Champions is back to being my most played game of the year, while Marvel Legendary & United tie for 3rd, still 3 Marvel games in the top ten shows just how much we like Marvel in our family. Gloomhaven jumped up to 2nd position but I suspect it will fall off the list entirely next year as we're only playing it online and we're just doing that less. Sub Terra & Flash Point are regulars on this list but it's good to see them getting consistent play. Paleo is a new surprise hit coming in joint 9th. So Clover is highest new entry and well deserved, it's a fantastic entry and will continue to keep hitting the table I hope.

Most Played of all time

Honourable Mention - Flash Point 103

No massive changes in the top 10 of all time. Champions keeps biting at Lord of the Rings heels, Marvel United has climbed another place. Gloomhaven is a new entry on the list, pushing Pandemic off the list which has also been pushed down by Flash Point seeing more play. Zooloretto, Toc Toc & Timeline haven't seen play in the last year so will probably start to slip as other titles start to climb.

Shelf of Shame

I ended the year last year with just 13 games on my Shelf of Shame. I managed to get that back up to 35 games over the course of the year but ended the year with 16 games still left to play. Of those, 7 of them are games that have been on the list now for longer than 5 years, so I should just accept they are not going to see the table and sell them, 1 has since been played (Detective Club) and 2 were Christmas presents (Dinosaur World & Iki) so didn't have a lot of hope of seeing play in 2022.


Just the three crowd funded games this year, Dice Throne Santa vs Krampus, Robomon and Marvel Zombies... Now... One of those projects was significantly more massive than the others but it's my last CMON campaign... Well except for Marvel United Multiverse... but then I'm definitely stopping!

As for projects I'm still waiting on, I have Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition and Dinosaur 1944, both of which are unlikely to ever deliver, Freedom Five which I keep meaning to request a refund for and Robinson Crusoe which should arrive in the next few months.

Looking Ahead

What are my plans for 2023... To buy fewer games, to play more of my collection, to not crowd fund many projects and to cull some titles that aren't seeing table time. Of course, I say that most years. I've already backed one Kickstarter campaign, Marvel United Multiverse, but I'm hoping that will be the only one this year.

What was your most played game of 2022? Do you have any gaming related resolutions for 2023? Let us know down in the comments.

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