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Turn Order: Time Track
In this Turn Order mechanism, there is a linear “Time Track” with many spaces. Each player has a marker on the track, which indicates where they are “in time.” Markers farther on the track are further forward in time. The player with the marker lowest on the track (furthest “back in time”) takes the next action. Different actions have different costs in time. The player’s marker is advanced a number of spaces according to the cost of the selected action. Then, the next lowest marker on the track takes an action. It is possible that the same player takes multiple turns in a row.
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Red November

Welcome aboard the Red November, a doomed submarine where everything can and does go wrong. The Red November is home to gnomish submariners trapped struggling against a hellish cycle of fire, floods, missile strikes, and nuclear meltdowns. In the face of such catastrophe, sometimes the only choice is a stiff gulp of grog.
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