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Mask of the Phantasm

The Mask of the Phantasm story pack adds Bruce Wayne as a new playable hero, and the Phantasm, who can be played as either a villain or hero. In the Mask of the Phantasm campaign, the Phantasm operates like a third faction in each battle. While not directly opposing the heroes, the Phantasm isn't exactly allied with them either. Each battle in Mask of the Phantasm will have the heroes trying to stop the villains, while also racing against the shadowy threat of the Phantasm! Bruce Wayne comes with a Hero Sheet and 6 Hero Skill cards, the Phantasm comes with a Hero Sheet, 6 Hero Skill cards, a A.I. Villain Sheet, a 4v1 Villain Sheet, and 6 Villain Ability cards, and the mission book includes a 3-battle campaign following the events of the motion picture.

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