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Games where the primary focus of the game is going on an adventure.

Alice in Wonderland

Games set in Lewis Carol's Wonderland.


Games set in ancient history or focusing on long lost civilisations


Games with animals either real world or anthropomorphic critters


Games with an Arabian theme or setting or characters, such as Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Aviation & Flight

Games about flying or aircraft, be it real world or steampunk airships

Back to the Future

Games that follow the adventures of Marty McFly & Doc Brown


Games set in Gotham City or that focus on the caped crusader, Batman, his allies and his rogues gallery.

Battlestar Galactica

Games set in the world of Battlestar Galactica

Blood Bowl

Games set in Games Workshops fantasy football league, Blood Bowl.

Bomb Defusal

Games where the main aim of the game is prevent a detonation of a time bomb.


Games set in the beautiful cities, forests, mountains or temples of Cambodia.


Games that use childhood as their primary theme, focusing on growing up or coming of age.

City Building

Games about building an urban environment, be it a hamlet, a village, a city or a metropolis.


Games about founding a civilization, which would include more than just City or Territory building, usually including military, science and technology and culture.

Comic Book & Strip

Games that are set in or based on comic strips, be they real or fictional.

Crystalia & Kagejima

Games set in the Chibi world of Soda Pop Miniature's Crystalia or Kagejima.

DC Comics

Games that follow the characters of DC Comics.

Deduction Theme

Games where the protagonists are detectives of some kind, be they super sleuths or paranormal investigators.

Dungeons & Dragons

Games where the theme is the world of dungeons and dragons or roleplaying.

Dystopian Future

Games set in a dour, usually cyberpunk future society.


Games where the primary focus is trade and capitalism.


Games where the theme is intentionally designed to educate the players as they explore the game.


Games set in modern or ancient Egypt.


Games set in a HP Lovecratian world of ancient evil usually in the 1920's.


Games that focus on environmental issues, such as pollution or natural disasters.


Games about the origins of life on the planet


Games about delving into the unknown, be it dungeons deep or forests green.


Games set in fictional words that are usually technologically similar to the middle ages. Fantasy games usually have fictional races and magic.


Games about raising animals and planting crops.
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