A Gamer's Guide to Giving Gifts: Family Games

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

And so we return once more to the most popular genre of games at this time of year, Family Games. Nothing gets families together better than a good board game and we've got six great titles for you here. Right, on with the show, it's time for a Gamer's Guide to Giving Gifts - Family Edition.

Chris’ Picks

When making my picks I looked for games that I've played with my family this year that offer a different and interesting experience than the usual fair. Hopefully the uniqueness of these titles will pique your interest and entertain your families this holiday season.

Karuba - Haba


Karuba is an interesting racing game where players compete to reach four temples and claim the four treasures within. To do so the players are laying path tiles to connect their four meeples to the four corresponding temples, or discarding tiles to move their adventurers along the paths. The trick here is that all the players play the same tile at the same time. The player with the most points in treasures and gems at the end of the game wins. This is a fun little racing game that is easy to play and easy to teach with just a sprinkling of an Indiana Jones theme.

Mike Says - I’m thoroughly annoyed at Chris that he thought of this and not me. Really quick to play has some top drawer components and its a really cool game with a great theme. A hundred times better than anything your find on the shelves of your local Toys R Us.